Our service extends to a number of areas around London, Ontario​ so that we can provide you with immersive 3D environments and real estate mapping to houses and buildings everywhere. Because of the nature of our services, we travel to you and work on your schedule. It takes time for our 3D cameras and equipment to capture the entirety of your space and create 3D floor plans so we coordinate an appropriate time where we can do our work that wont interfere with your busy schedule. See how our services can create value for your business in these cities:

  • London and Area
  • Kitchener and Area
  • Brantford  and Area
  • Document Before and After Loss
  • Take Measurements
  • Capture Images
3d home design

Asertiva 3D Services does 3-Dimensional models of interior and exterior spaces through photography. Our prime client base are real estate agents as our models can be used to display the interior and exterior of spaces in high quality to any prospective buyers.

Our technologies are fully immersive which allows the user to be able to manipulate the space to their liking. Asertiva provides an affordable pricing range that will best suit the prospective clients needs. Our purpose is to improve customer engagement and help promote businesses online with our immersive and interactive technologies.



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Commercial & multi-family

real estate

3d floor plans
  • Show Off Establishment
  • Promote Certain Products
  • Preview What Customers Can Expect

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Home Design 3D

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real estate

  • Win Listings
  • Boost Leads
  • Engage Buyers
  • Sell Faster

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event planning

Engage your audience with immersive 3D and virtual reality

We offer 3D Scanning and Interior Mapping services to various departments and industries such as:

  • Residential Housing
  • Commercial Spaces
  • News and Entertainment
  • Restaurants and Retail
  • Cultural Spaces
  • Travel, Hospitality and Event Planning
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction
  • Insurance Adjusting
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3d house design
3d mapping

With Asertiva 3D services, we can create 3-Dimensional renders of any space (including houses).

The user can:

  • Change the wall colours
  • ​Change the flooring
  • Pick and choose furniture that will best suit the room
  • Manipulate the space in order to create the room that they desire
  • Draw Visitors
  • Show Off Stunning Architecture
  • Create a Connection
3d house map
home design 3d



  • Fill Units Faster​
  • Shorten Your Sales Cycle
  • Secure Repeat Renters
real estate photography

Real Estate Mapping

real estate mapping
  • Streamline Workflows
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Document Every Step Of The Project

  • Delight Guests
  • Explore Amenities and Spaces
  • Speed Bookings

  • Drive More and Longer Views
  • Boost Engagement
  • Attract New Audiences

We provide three basic services within a reasonable and affordable price range (however we are willing to tailor these services to best suit your needs):

  • Matterport 3D Showcase: this includes a 360° exterior panorama, as well as a multitude of snapshots of the interior space.

  • Matterport Add-on Services: additional services that can be added to the basic package of the Matterport 3D Showcase.
    • Snapshots: addition snapshots to the ones already included in the basic Matterport 3D Showcase package.
    • Matterport Core VR (Virtual Reality) Experience: an immersive way to get to know a space, it will offer a more up close and interactive way of viewing a room(s).
    • Mattertag™ Posts: a way to describe the features of the room and give context about the space. Doing this can provide more information to prospective buyers.
    • 360° Views: provides a more panoramic view of both the interior and exterior, thus providing a more interactive and immersive experience of the property on display.
    • Matterport Schematic Floor Plan: a chance to give prospective buyers an opportunity to examine the property from edge to edge with a floor plan.
    • Flythrough Videos: a video that will take you through the various rooms of the property accompanied with a narrative voice over. This is a quick way to get a view and feel of the space.

  • Interactive Virtual Replicas: this is the most immersive experience we can offer any prospective client. By building a space from scratch or using an existing space, the interactive virtual replica can allow a customer to customize their interior design by letting them change the colours of walls, flooring and furniture.

 With these optimal service provided, we strive on meeting your needs and providing the best service possible.
​With Asertiva 3D Services “Imagination is the limit.”