3D Floor Plans

What are 3D Services?

3D services are services that create three dimensional models of properties for more interactive viewing of the space. 3D services can be rendered for any type of property: residential, commercial, restaurants, retail etc. The goal of 3D services is to provide an immersive and interactive model of spaces for an audience to peruse.

3D services are useful for anyone who wants to have a closer look at the properties and dimensions of a space in order to either see how they can manipulate the space for interior decorating or to decide if they want to purchase the space being shown.

One type of customer that would strongly benefit from the use of 3D services are real estate agents. Real estate agents depend on the quality and visibility of their displays to make a sale. What better way to showcase a property effectively by showing a three dimensional, interactive model of it?

Here are some reasons why real estate agents should use 3D services:


3D services can be shown on any technological handheld device, which makes it seem as if you are carrying an entire home within your phone, computer or tablet. This is useful for showing properties to prospective buyers that may be too far away to view it. As a result, 3D services can have the potential to increase a real estate agent’s client base.

Immersive Walk Through

Often when a client does a physical walk through a space, there is usually a time slot in which they can do so, which can make them rush through it and miss several key details. With 3D services, this problem is eliminated. Clients can do an immersive and interactive walk through a 3D model of a space, and take their time examining each room. Asertiva 3D Services will have highlighted points for each room when the customer uses their services. 

Differing Views of Property

With 3D services, it can provide a chance for the client to view the house from angles that are otherwise impossible to see without the technology. 3D services can allow clients to see the space from a bird’s eye view, a 2D floorplan view or more. This will allow the client to examine the layout of the house with ease.

Time Saving

By showing a virtual tour of a property to a prospective client, it can save time by allowing the client to determine whether the property is the right fit or not without them ever physically seeing the property. This can save time by weeding out any buyers that may not be sure or serious about the space. The use of 3D services can save the time of both the real estate agent and the client.

These are all the benefits of using 3D services as a real estate agent. The use of 3D services can save time for both the agent and the client, as well as boost the chances of getting a sale.