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“In the Atlanta region alone, we’ve experienced an increase in double and, in some cases, triple the number of overall impressions and qualified leads generated by Apartments.com.” 

Matt Baker, Director of Marketing, CWS Apartment Homes 

Real Estate Virtual Tour

Asertiva 3D Services uses Matterport 3D Virstual Services - a way to bring your community to life online. Their products allow you to market to your community in an immersive way. View the videos below to learn more...

Matterport’s high technologies and immersive media systems allow property managers and real estate agents to have the advantage of providing a unique and online virtual browsing of a property to any prospective clients. Putting a virtual model of a house online is convenient because any client that is interested in buying/renting a property look to the internet first.

With a simple push of a button, anyone that has a Matterport Pro camera can easily and quickly create a stunning, visually engaging and immersive virtual experience of any property that they desire to showcase. This immersive and virtual experience can be shared through all the main marketing channels such as online websites, any social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and through online messaging (e-mail).

The 3D virtual services that are provided by Matterport 3D Showcases enables online viewers and prospective clients to fully experience any properties or communities as if they were actually there – no questions asked.

Here are some of the advantages of using Asertiva – 3D Virtual Services:

  • Fills any vacant units. If you need to sell a home or condo unit, this is a quick and effective way to reach out to your online audience.
  • Answers questions before they’re asked. By allowing a client to immerse themselves in the virtual world of a property, they are able to see all aspects of a property which limits the amount of questions asked.
  • Shortens your sales cycle. Allowing a client to see a property online saves the time of them physically visiting the property and perhaps deciding that they are not interested in it. This saves the time of the client and the property manager.
  • Enhances your community’s brand. By putting your community online, you are raising awareness of its presence to any prospective clients. 

Why Matterport Works for Multi-Family

Easy to Use: can scan the average apartment in under 30 minutes.
Easy to Share: can be shared on various social media platforms and other websites.
Easy to Stand Out: can increase engagement on the web by 300 percent.

Hire a Matterport photographer to scan your property today!

91% of prospective renters start their search for properties online. Those who use Matterport 3D services have reported up to 300% increase in website engagement. Will your community be able to compete?

Matterport can showcase all aspects of a property.  Some examples are:

Communal Dining – Make your amenities pop. Interactive pop ups can be used to draw attention to valued features such as in unit washers/dryers, stainless steel appliances, wireless routers etc.

Amenities – Generate more qualified leads. Our complete immersive experiences prove to be better than videos or pictures to showcase the community as it is.

Lounge Area – Breathe life into your communal spaces. Show off various aspects of a property such as: lobby, fitness facilities, business centers, pool side kitchens, recycling stations etc. 

“In the past, the consumer experience was limited to a few community specifics, high resolution images and an occasional video. With the 3D tour feature, our residents now have the ability to tour any CWS community from anywhere in the world. Being able to provide this type of convenience to prospective renters is priceless.”

Matt Baker, Director of Marketing, CWS Apartment Homes